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Russian family seeking asylum jumps from tower block in Glasgow

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Three people who plunged to their deaths from a multi-storey flat in Glasgow were a Russian family seeking asylum in the UK, the BBC reports. The father, mother and son had been granted asylum in Canada but left after a dispute with the authorities there.

The apparent triple suicide happened on Sunday at the Red Road flats complex in the city’s Springburn area. A source familiar with the case said the family had been told that they had to leave their flat in Springburn after their application to stay was refused.

No removal order had been issued, however, and they were advised to seek help from the Scottish Refugee Council to find alternative accommodation. The bodies were discovered by the concierge at the tower block after they had fallen from the 15th floor.



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  1. Kerkko Paananen says:

    The father, who was named as 43-year-old Serge Serykh, was believed to be suffering from severe mental health problems. Mr Serykh, his 21-year-old stepson and wife Tatiana, who was in her 40s, were believed to be so terrified of being forced to return to their home country that they bound themselves together before jumping from their 15th-storey flat. Before they leapt, they threw a large wardrobe from the balcony to break the anti-suicide wire netting that surrounded it. A source said last night: "The father was delusional and it seems he pulled his wife and son into his paranoia."



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