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Shtokman Symphony

The Finnish-Russian Civic Forum (FINROSFORUM) promotes cooperation between the peoples of Finland and Russia by supporting civic initiatives for democracy, human rights, and free speech.



The world's largest offshore natural gas field, Russia's Shtokman field, now has its own symphony. The ”Shtokman symphony” was written by 23-year-old composer Anton Lubchenko from St Petersburg in honour of the gas field located some 600 kilometres north of the Kola Peninsula in the Russian part of the Barents Sea.

The ”Shtokman symphony” will be a part of Lubchenko's ”Industrial Trilogy.” The two other symphonies are also connected to Russia's petroleum industry: the Sakhalin oil and gas project in the Far East and the long railway bridge over Yuribei River on the Yamal Peninsula, also containing large reserves of natural gas.

The two first parts of the symphony trilogy, Yuribei and Sakhalin, will be recorded in St Petersburg, reported Sinemafonika, the company producing the symphony to honour Russia's largest industrial natural gas projects. The composer's task is to form an artistic image of Russia's industrial power, the company reported.



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