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Kadyrov threatens to kill parents of rebels

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Reports coming in say Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov's forces have taken more than a hundred people hostage in raids on several villages. The hostages are apparently parents and sisters of armed rebels fighting against Kadyrov's forces and Russia's federal troops in the region.

Reportedly, large detachments of gunmen encircled several villages in Vedeno, Kurchaloy, and Nozhay-Yurt districts in the early hours of the morning of 4 September 2010. The gunmen barged into people's homes, beat up everyone, and took more than a hundred people hostage.

Reports received at noon by Kavkaz Center said Kadyrov's forces took the hostages to the forest to be used as live shields against the armed rebels. Kadyrov's forces then announced by walkie-talkie that all of the hostages would be executed on the spot if the rebels did not surrender.

The abductions are apparently a response to a daring rebel attack on 29 August 2010 to Kadyrov's native village of Tsentoroi, which is heavily guarded by Kadyrov's forces. Authorities have offered a RUB 10mn reward for information about those who commanded the attack.

Earlier, Chechen authorities openly threatened the parents of armed insurgents on local television. Muslim Khuchiev, mayor of Grozny, who was speaking in the presence of Kadyrov's "human rights ombudsman," Nurdi Nukhazhiev, vowed to mete out punishment on the parents.


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