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Russian Libertine

The Finnish-Russian Civic Forum (FINROSFORUM) promotes cooperation between the peoples of Finland and Russia by supporting civic initiatives for democracy, human rights, and free speech.



It is dangerous to be a pro-Western dissident in Russia, and Victor Erofeyev is one who has been in trouble with the government since Soviet times. He has been accused of animosity towards Russia in court, and his opponents see him as the embodiment of Western democracy. With his bold and outspoken writings, he has committed the political murder of his diplomat father and continues his work at great risk to his life.

How is writer Victor Erofeyev still able to love his home country and fight for democracy in a country where it does not seem to find a home? While everybody’s eyes are on the Arab countries, Russia is in turmoil. Despite the upcoming elections, the same people are in power. Something has, however, changed in people’s minds. Part of the people and a number of extremist movements are starting to demand changes.

The status of a writer has always been very highly respected in Russia. Literature is nowadays one of the few areas in that country, which is free from censorship. Politicians have let Russians down time after time, but writers have always interpreted the nation’s feelings honestly and therefore gained respect and integrity. However, the situation is volatile, and it has changed in an instant before as well.

Russian Libertine tells of the shocking state of affairs in the world’s largest country. Victor’s eventful and colorful life reveals what lies beneath the official image of this country and lets us get to know the real Russia. It helps to understand what are the different directions the country can head for. Russia can either turn to the church, even nationalism, but it can also choose the path for democracy and real change.

One should not close one’s eyes from Russia, as getting to know the situation of the country helps to understand its frustrated nation and uncertain future. As a genuine superpower, its actions can, at worst, cause financial, military, cultural, and diplomatic consequences around the globe.



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