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Adam Osmayev: Framed, Tortured, Extradited

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A court in Ukraine has decided to extradite a Chechen man accused of plotting to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin. Adam Osmayev, who was arrested in March 2012, would be handed over to the Russian authorities within a month. Meanwhile, Mr Osmayev has released the following open letter:

I, Adam Osmayev, am a defendant in the criminal case №734, being charged with committing offenses under Part 1 of Article 14 and Part 2 of Article 258, Part 2 of Article 258-3, Part 1 of Article 263, and Article 196 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. These charges include the perpetration of a terrorist act, participation in a terrorist group, illegal handling of explosives, unintentional damage to the property of others, which resulted in the death of a person, and also using forged documents.

I hereby state that after the events of 4 January 2012 and the physical pressure to which I have been subjected, I have suffered a memory loss: I do not recall my childhood and youth and almost do not recall my parents. I respond to the surname of Osmayev and I write on behalf of Osmayev because the investigative and legal actions against me were conducted using this surname. The fact of my confession that I am Adam Osmayev and that I was involved in the plot to assassinate Mr. Putin can be explained by two implicit circumstances:

Firstly, anyone whose head was wrapped in a plastic bag would confess that he participated in the assassination of President Kennedy as well as in the assassination attempt on the Pope.

Secondly, after my refusal to take responsibility for a crime that was not even perpetrated, the investigator told me that if I did not voluntarily confess my involvement in the preparation of the plot to assassinate Mr. Putin, I would be extradited to Russia, where I would be tortured and humiliated for a long period of time and then would simply be killed.

He (the investigator) promised that if I were to take responsibility and confess, I would get a short prison term and would not be extradited under any circumstances. After such physical and psychological pressure, while being in a state of complete depression, I agreed that I was Adam Osmayev and that I took part in the plot to assassinate Mr. Putin.

Moreover, the doctors told that I had suffered burns on 35% of my body and that I had been injected with an unknown substance before every interrogation; the drugs have substantially affected me and rendered me in a state of euphoria. I came to Ukraine, lived in Ukraine, and was detained by law enforcement agencies of Ukraine on charges of committing criminal offense under the name of a “Sultan Akhmedovich Dolakov.”

The only document proving my identity is a passport in the name of “Sultan Akhmedovich Dolakov.” It was seized from me by law enforcement officers; currently, it is included in the documentation of the criminal case №734 against me. After all that has happened to me, I cannot, in fact, attest to who I am — Osmayev or Dolakov.

In such circumstances, establishing my identity is the foremost duty of the investigators and the court. The only way to determine my identity in this case is to conduct a genotypic examination.

The only thing that I can firmly state now is that I have never participated in any plot to assassinate Mr. Putin; the laptop, which the investigators used to produce evidence, was not mine, and the publicly available materials about the movement of Mr. Putin’s motorcade found in this laptop were not downloaded by me.

I also state that, at the present moment, I am not a citizen of the Russian Federation. On 11 June 2012, I forwarded an application to the Office for Refugees (GU GMS) in the Odessa region of Ukraine pleading to grant me a status of a refugee. I was, however, denied registration of my application for the refugee status (notification №175-446 on 6 November 2012).

Currently, the notification №175-446 is being appealed in the Regional Administrative Court of Odessa. So far, no decision has been passed in this case. According to the Russian law “On Citizenship of the Russian Federation” dated 31 May 2002 №62-FZ (Art. 18), renunciation of the citizenship of the Russian Federation by a person residing in a foreign country is based on the voluntary will of the person in a simplified procedure.

Therefore, by contacting the competent authorities of Ukraine regarding my refugee status, I have thus expressed my free will and have officially abandoned Russian citizenship. I also state that one employee of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) told me that I would not even reach Moscow but would be liquidated on the way there immediately after my extradition. The FSB employee told me openly that such a “Chechen louse” like me did not deserve the right for investigation, trial, or humane death.

Currently, the use of torture in Russia, violence, political assassinations, and persecution based on the ethnicity is not only a recognized phenomenon, but was legally certified by the European Parliament’s resolution on 16 December 2010 as well as by the “Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act” adopted by the U.S. Congress on 7 June 2012.

Sir/Madam Judge, members of the board of the Odessa Regional Court of Appeal, Vasily Balan, Natalia Gridina (unfortunately, the name of the third member of the Judicial Board is unknown to me, since I was deprived of the right to participate in the hearing, which addressed the issue of my life and death), I officially declare that the deliberately unjust manner in which the court proceedings have been conducted, violating all of the universally recognized human rights and freedoms, is illegal.

I also state that your judgment regarding my extradition passed in such circumstances is deliberately unjust and renders you the direct organizers and accomplices in my murder, which will inevitably occur in the case of my extradition.

I state that in the case of my death, Vasily Balan, Natalia Gridina, and the third member of the Judicial Board must be considered the organizers and accomplices in my premeditated murder.

 I state that in the event of my death I ask that you are to be considered the organizers and accomplices of my premeditated murder. Also, I demand that my post-mortem will be carried out and that the above-mentioned persons be prosecuted for my death and their names included in the list of those prosecuted according to the so-called Magnitsky Act.

I remind you, honourable judges, that there is a Supreme Court — the Court of God. If I die because of your fault, then you will be convicted by this Court as well as by the court of history.

I send a copy of this statement to the President of Ukraine — the guarantor of the Constitution of Ukraine, — to the European Parliament offices in Ukraine, to the United States embassies in Ukraine, to the German Embassy in Ukraine, to the British Embassy in Ukraine and to the embassies of other European countries, as well as to the president of Russia, Mr. Putin.

13 August 2012

/ Prisoner Adam Osmayev /


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  1. FINROSFORUM says:

    The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has halted the extradition of Adam Osmayev to Russia, Kanal PIK reported. The court stated that Mr Osmayev risked being subjected to torture and other inhumane treatment in Russia. Mr Osmayev was arrested in 4 February 2012 in Odessa. He, together with Ilya Pyanzin, a citizen of Kazakhstan, stand accused of plotting to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Mr Osmayev, who has renounced his Russian citizenship, had applied for asylum in Ukraine, but the country’s immigration authorities refused to process his request. In June 2012, he asked for international protection in Georgia. Mr Osmayev’s wife, Amina Okuyeva, said her husband may apply for asylum in Finland if the Georgian authorities rejected his application. Ms Okuyeva said her husband would be killed in Russia.



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