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Navalny Supporters Under Siege

The Finnish-Russian Civic Forum (FINROSFORUM) promotes cooperation between the peoples of Finland and Russia by supporting civic initiatives for democracy, human rights, and free speech.



Navalny Bros Under Siege

BREAKING: Police in Moscow are storming an apartment where supporters of the Russian opposition’s mayoral candidate in Moscow, Alexey Navalny, are holed up. Apparently, the authorities suspect that the apartment is an “illegal campaign headquarter.” The police has no search warrant.

A few moments ago, police were hacking away at the door with a sledgehammer and a chainsaw. Oleg Kozlovsky, Board Member of the Finnish-Russian Civic Forum, is one of the people inside the apartment. Oleg is tweeting live (in Russian), and there is live video feed from the scene.


  1. FINROSFORUM says:

    Live video feed from the “revolutionary safehouse”:


  2. FINROSFORUM says:

    Under advice from lawyers, the owner of the apartment decided to open the door. However, the police had already managed to damage the lock to such an extent that the door would not open anymore. Now the police is sawing and hammering at the door again.

  3. FINROSFORUM says:

    The police seems to have detained the owner of the apartment under unclear grounds. Apparently, a Just Russia deputy in Russia’s State Duma, Oleg Pakholkov, is at the scene; Navalny’s lawyer accuses the deputy of trespassing and meddling.

  4. FINROSFORUM says:

    Oleg Kozlovsky just tweeted from a police van: “I was detained for being too eager in demanding that the police explain their actions.”

  5. FINROSFORUM says:

    Pavel Nikulin, journalist working for Russkaya Planeta, has been beaten up by representatives of Just Russia’s mayoral candidate, Nikolay Levichev, in the yard of the apartment building where the Navalny supporters were holed up.

    Police detained four people at the apartment, including Roman Pereverzev, the operator of the video feed from the scene. Mr Pereverzev tweeted that he trusted the video feed to Alexey Navalny’s lawyer, Violetta Volkova, who is still at the scene.

  6. FINROSFORUM says:

    Apparently, the four Navalny supporters detained at the “conspiratory” apartment were taken to the police station in Moscow’s Basmanny District. However, the police claim they were taken to another police station — maybe to lead supporters and reporters astray.


  7. FINROSFORUM says:

    Those detained are being charged with Article 19.3 of Russia’s Code Of Administrative Offences, i.e., for failure to follow the “lawful” order of a police officer. The charge carries a fine or arrest for up to 15 days.



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